Clinical Peels deliver active ingredients to stimulate the skins natural renewal process and give the skin the luminosity and radiance it has been missing.

From superficial peels with little to no downtime to deep dermal peels that treat conditions such as Melasma. For the price of a standard facial you could be creating a change in the skin on a cellular level.

Clinical skin peels are from natural ingredients such as Lactic Acid or Salicylic Acid and can be used on neck and d├ęcolletage as well.

What conditions can a Clinical Peel treat?

Clinical peels assist in improving uneven Skin Texture, Sun damage, fine Lines, enlarged pores, dull lifeless skin, Acne and congestion, hyperpigmentation and Melasma.

How much does a Clinical Peel Cost?

Our clinical peels start at $125. For the price of a standard facial you could be changing the way your skin behaves on a cellular level.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments is dependent on the skin condition. A complimentary consultation with our dermal clinicians will determine the number required. However in general we recommend 3 clinical peels in 3 months to accelerate the renewal process and after the intensive process go quarterly maintenance peels.

How much downtime is required?

The amount of downtime required is again dependant on the condition being treated. We have around 20 different types of peels to choose from so can find a peel that will suit your lifestyle and the amount of downtime you can allow for. Some of our superficial style peels are considered lunch time treatments with no downtime.

Is there any preparation required for a Clinical Peel?

Yes. In general we require the skin to be well prepared beforehand. Which includes reducing sun exposure prior to treatment, ensuring the client is on a spf daily and already using active skincare. The reason for introducing the skin to active skincare prior to treatment is to drip feed the skin active ingredients so if there is a reaction it is at a low strength versus a high strength clinical peel.