Update on breast implants

Are Breast Implants Safe

UPDATE: 17 October 2019

Please refer to the latest TGA article below for the most up to date ALCL information


You may be aware of some recent media on the safety of breast implants.

These concern the incidence of a form of lymphoma (ALCL) which has occurred in around 500 cases of the estimated 35 million women with implants worldwide. The most accurate data at present shows that risk of this rare type of lymphoma varied from 1:2,700 up to 1: 80,000 depending upon the type of textured surface. It should also be noted that ALCL is not a breast cancer which is a separate disease and impacts around 1 in 8 women regardless of whether they have implants or not.
Here are some important facts:

  • ALCL is related to bacterial biofilm contamination of implants that occurs during implant insertion.
  • It is generally observed in women 7-10 years after their surgery and often presents as swelling or a lump.
  • Of the 72 cases reported in Australia, the TGA has advised that the vast majority of cases were cured by removal of the implant and the capsule surround the implant

If you are concerned about your breast implants, particularly swelling or hardening then please immediately seek medical advice from your GP or if you had your surgery here you should book an appointment with our surgeon. .The overwhelming majority of women will not have BIA-ALCL.

Routine implant removal is not indicated for asymptomatic women with breast implants including Textured implants.

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